Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Nainital, a famous hill station in Uttaranchal.I was in 7th class when I heard my parents talking about nainital for the first time. I had never been to any hill station before. I asked my dad about nainital he just told me that it’s a very beautiful place u will definitely like it. I was amazed that my dad is saying so confidently so I thought in real also it would be a beautiful place and it would be fun. From then onwards I was thinking for nainital. We had reservations in IIAC by train…while to the trip to nainital our train went through several tunnels…I got scared every time a tunnel came as there became very dark. Our train’s final destination was kathgodum which is 35 kms away from nainital. After reaching this point we hired a cab to the hill station at 800rs for indica.

When I was in cab I saw b’ful scenery. There were trees, clouds and great depth besides the road. It was good but scary too. Whatever I was very happy. We reached up the cab left us in the cab stand. The driver showed us the way to hotels but my dad knew everything about nainital. My dad asked me and my mom to stay at one place.he went to search for hotel. We stood there and waiting for him. In that time I was looking at everything I could see. It was near about 8pm. I saw b’ful lighting all around the roads,lake and hillside. There was a lake in the middle of nainital. On seeing this I was very delighted. My dad returned and he took us to the hotel he selected. When we got to the hotel room I saw that the room was big and very b’ful. The hotel room costed 1600rs per day. It was a nice ac room with TV. We all took about 45 mins to take bath and all. Then we ordered dinner. After 20 mins the waiter knocked on the door and he asked us to follow him to the terrace. We followed him to the terrace and saw a dining table there on the roof top. The waiter asked us to take the seats. I was surprised on seeing this; he served us the food very well. We had dinner. There was a lovely and cool breeze. Even we had ice-cream after dinner. That dinner became a very memorable moment for me. We stood on the corner of the terrace and saw nainital. It was a very b’ful scene. We had some photo session. Later we went to our room. We saw TV for some time and slept… a new morning was following us.

The next day was a sunny day. We moved out of our hotel room near about 10 am. Firstly we went to a hotel and ate aloo parthas. They were very tasty. We all reached the lake. Then we took a boat. There was the Naina devi temple at the end of lake. We saw the temple; it was a very good sight. We took some pictures near the temple. There followed a market on the road. I was not interested in the market. My parent took 2-3 hours in the market. It was near about 2:30 pm. We were tired. We saw a theater nearby. The film there was dil ka rishta one of the flop film. We saw the movie. It was boring. We came out in the market again. We were too much tired. We went straight to the hotel room. We rested for two hours. Then we ordered food. After this we went on a stroll in the market. We bought some clothes and candles, etc. we returned to our hotel room near 11pm and slept.

The very next day we had breakfast and then hired a cab for nainital tour. Our cab covered places named snow view, china peak, Tiffin top, Bhimtal Lake, and sattal.we returned in the evening.this was our last day in nainital. The very next morning we left the city.

Nainital was a very great experience for me.i love nainital.