Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hero Honda Super splendor


The hero honda Super splendor is a 124.7cc bike that promises great fuel efficiency and a smooth riding experience. Its 4-stroke single cylinder engine generates a maximum power of 9 bhp @7000rpm.
In order to woo the customers, and to make the bike more competitive the hero honda Super splendor comes with a 3- year, 40,000 km warranty that is not available with any other bike in the Indian market. This bike comes for around Rs. 42,000 (ex-showroom price).
Some of the best features of the hero honda Super splendor are: headlamp of 12V/35W halogen bulb that enables better visibility during the nights, matt-finished silencer with chrome-plated heat shield adds a zing to the bike’s look, electric switches on the bike are extremely user-friendly

Hero Honda Super splendor Technical Specifications

Engine                    4-Stroke OHC, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Displacement         124.7 c
Max Power             6.72 Kw (9 BHP) @ 7000 rpm
Max Speed             90 Kmph
Fuel Tank Capacity    12 Ltrs. (Min)
Head Light                 12V - 35W Multi Reflector Halogen
Bulb - AC Type

Hmmmm.I am satisfied with this bike but its mileage is less then promised....


These codes will work on most Nokia Mobile Phones

To activate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) Enter the code- *3370#
This improves call quality but decreases batterylife by about 5%
To deactivate it, Enter the code- #3370#

*#4720# / *#4720# Activate / Deactivate Half Rate Codec - Your phone uses a lower quality sound but you should gain approx 30% more Talk Time 

*#7220# / *#7230# Enable / Disable PCCCPH support (faster GPRS)
To check the phones Software revision type- *#0000#
Information you get from the Software revision-
V 05.31
1ST Line  = Software revision
2ND Line = The date of the software release
3RD Line = Phone type

Nokia Codes Tips and Tricks - To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Type-  *#06# - 
Information you get from the IMEI-
    TAC      FAC     SNR      SP
TAC = Type approval code
FAC = Final assembly code
SNR = Serial number
SP    = Spare
*#67705646# Removes operator logo on 3310 & 3330
*#7760# Manufacturers code 
*#7780# Restore factory settings 
*#8110# Software version for the nokia 8110 
To enter the service menu type-
*#92702689# (*#WAR0ANTY#)
Serial number (IMEI)
Production date (MM/YY)
Purchase date (MM/YY) You can only enter the date once.
Date of last repair (0000=No repair)
Transfer user data to another Nokia phone via Infra-Red
Clock Stopping 
If you short-circuit theleft middle and right pins on the bottom of the phone with all connections touching each other, the Nokia software hangs! The profile "Headset" will be activated. Before you do this just activate the "Automatic Answer" in the headset profile and set the ringing volume to "Mute". Now you can use your phone for checking out what people are talking about in a room. Just place it under a table in a room and call it. The phone receives the call without ringing and you can listen to what people are saying.

hope u might have found something useful for you frnds.......... 



The sharpest looking Pulsar of them ironically had to be the baby Pulsar, the Bajaj Pulsar 135 DTS-i. If that wasn’t ironic enough, how about this? The most technologically advanced Pulsar too is the Bajaj Pulsar 135 DTS-i. Try as they might, other manufacturers simply seem to have no answers to the Pulsar brand that seems to have pummeled the competition into submission, left right and center. 
Yet again, Bajaj Auto has managed to succeed in a segment that was hitherto one that simply was neither here nor there. Bajaj Auto has managed to sell no less than 1,00,000 Pulsar 135 DTS-i motorcycles in under six months of it’s launch and in doing so, has done what Hero Honda also couldn’t with the 135cc Hero Honda Ambition.
While we still criticize Bajaj for the lack of clarity and differentiation in product branding that leads to cannibalization of it’s own motorcycle models’ sales, we can’t help but acknowledge this feat of 1,00,000 Pulsar 135 DTS-i motorcycles in under six months. For once, we simply have to give it to Bajaj. Kudos to them.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

               TATA SAFARI 2010

Tata Motors Limited has launched the 2010 Tata Safari at the 2010 Indian Auto Expo. While the 2010 Tata Safari doesn’t feature any major style makeover or for that matter an engine upgrade, it certainly packs in a whole load of features to help you “Reclaim your Life” a tad more comfortably.

In line with the stringent Bharat Stage IV norms, the big 4-door SUV  is BS IV compliant now and has been refreshed with accentuated exteriors and a cool new “dual-tone” interiors.


The 2010 Tata Safari comes a host of features that include:
  • New instrumentation
  • Superior Quality materials
  • Leather upholstery & Door Inserts
  • Chrome Plated New Grill
  • Chrome Plated ORVM’s
  • Dual Color Theme for Interiors (Graphite and Beige Shades)
  • Faux wood Central console
Crucial safety features ABS and Dual Airbags are also standard now.
This very popular Indian SUV is available in the 4×2 as well as 4×4 variants for this 2010 year too.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nokia N8 Coming Soon to Vodafone UK
Brings its 12MP camera along

Nokia N8 might not be the first Symbian^3-based smartphone to hit the market, yet it is the first such device to be announced to the world, and also the first one to get an official carrier, namely Vodafone UK. The high-end smartphone has just emerged on the operator's website with a “coming soon” tag all over it, giving UK phone users the promise of a near launch.

Although it lists the Nokia N8 on its website, Vodafone UK does not offer specific details on the release date or pricing of the device, but enthusiasts can rest assured that the high-end Symbian^3 device will become available for purchase with a subsidized price tag. If we were to make a supposition based on history, then we could say that chances are the Nokia N8 will be sold for free on select monthly plans from the wireless carrier.

“Get the Nokia N8 and leave your digital camera at home. Its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss lens give you pin-sharp photos. And when you shoot at night, the Xenon flash makes sure pictures come out bright and sharp. Your N8 mobile phone is also great for staying in touch with friends. Get Facebook updates straight to your homescreen – and share videos and pics (there’s room for loads with 16GB of storage built in) to the web easily,” the carrier notes on its website.

The large 3.5-inch touchscreen display or the high-quality 12-megapixel photo snapper with Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash are not the only appealing specs of Nokia N8. GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS and HSDPA connectivity options are also there, along with Bluetooth, built-in GPS navigation, Wi-Fi, microSD memory card slot for additional storage space, and other more. The handset comes with three homescreens that can be customized separately, with enhanced social networking capabilities, and many other features.

Those interested in the new Nokia N8 mobile phone should head over to Vodafone UK's website here to learn more on it or register for updates on its availability.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Nainital, a famous hill station in Uttaranchal.I was in 7th class when I heard my parents talking about nainital for the first time. I had never been to any hill station before. I asked my dad about nainital he just told me that it’s a very beautiful place u will definitely like it. I was amazed that my dad is saying so confidently so I thought in real also it would be a beautiful place and it would be fun. From then onwards I was thinking for nainital. We had reservations in IIAC by train…while to the trip to nainital our train went through several tunnels…I got scared every time a tunnel came as there became very dark. Our train’s final destination was kathgodum which is 35 kms away from nainital. After reaching this point we hired a cab to the hill station at 800rs for indica.

When I was in cab I saw b’ful scenery. There were trees, clouds and great depth besides the road. It was good but scary too. Whatever I was very happy. We reached up the cab left us in the cab stand. The driver showed us the way to hotels but my dad knew everything about nainital. My dad asked me and my mom to stay at one place.he went to search for hotel. We stood there and waiting for him. In that time I was looking at everything I could see. It was near about 8pm. I saw b’ful lighting all around the roads,lake and hillside. There was a lake in the middle of nainital. On seeing this I was very delighted. My dad returned and he took us to the hotel he selected. When we got to the hotel room I saw that the room was big and very b’ful. The hotel room costed 1600rs per day. It was a nice ac room with TV. We all took about 45 mins to take bath and all. Then we ordered dinner. After 20 mins the waiter knocked on the door and he asked us to follow him to the terrace. We followed him to the terrace and saw a dining table there on the roof top. The waiter asked us to take the seats. I was surprised on seeing this; he served us the food very well. We had dinner. There was a lovely and cool breeze. Even we had ice-cream after dinner. That dinner became a very memorable moment for me. We stood on the corner of the terrace and saw nainital. It was a very b’ful scene. We had some photo session. Later we went to our room. We saw TV for some time and slept… a new morning was following us.

The next day was a sunny day. We moved out of our hotel room near about 10 am. Firstly we went to a hotel and ate aloo parthas. They were very tasty. We all reached the lake. Then we took a boat. There was the Naina devi temple at the end of lake. We saw the temple; it was a very good sight. We took some pictures near the temple. There followed a market on the road. I was not interested in the market. My parent took 2-3 hours in the market. It was near about 2:30 pm. We were tired. We saw a theater nearby. The film there was dil ka rishta one of the flop film. We saw the movie. It was boring. We came out in the market again. We were too much tired. We went straight to the hotel room. We rested for two hours. Then we ordered food. After this we went on a stroll in the market. We bought some clothes and candles, etc. we returned to our hotel room near 11pm and slept.

The very next day we had breakfast and then hired a cab for nainital tour. Our cab covered places named snow view, china peak, Tiffin top, Bhimtal Lake, and sattal.we returned in the evening.this was our last day in nainital. The very next morning we left the city.

Nainital was a very great experience for me.i love nainital.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Why do we study?

We’ll follow that up with an answer:

It’s simple – to get the best grades we can.

Why do we need the best grades we can get?

To get to the best university or get the best job we can?

Why does that matter?

Because then I’ll have more options in life, more money and that would be a good thing.

That’s how thousands of your fellow students will be approaching their exams. They’ve followed the conventional wisdom about having “a grand plan” and their Mummies and Daddies will, once their child becomes a lawyer or a doctor, be very proud and enjoy telling all their friends how wonderfully well little Johnny has done. And their friends will all nod politely.

But striving after something like an “A” grade, purely for its own sake, just to “get” it, while very achievable, is not much of a motivational tool. Salmon can swim upstream but they probably wouldn’t if there was a more rewarding way of getting to fresh water.